Why Does My Child Struggle to Read? By Robert S. Fox, OD, FCOVD

| January 16, 2019

The excitement of the new school year has worn off. You and your child have settled into a daily after-school routine. You had thought that this would be the year that reading would finally click for your student. Instead you find yourself working night after night to keep your child from falling further behind. Homework has, once again, become a nightly battle. Your child still likes books, but wants you to do all the reading. The IEP is helping, but even with lots of support, progress is much poorer than you expected.

The fact is your child may have an overlooked vision problem. Even though your child aced the school eye test, they may still have a significant vision disorder.  They may very well have blurred or doubled vision when reading, but don’t know any better.

Developmental vision care in the form of lenses, prisms, and optometric vision therapy can treat these issues and greatly enhance your child’s chances of catching up to their peers. To learn more, go to foxvisiondevelopment.com or call our office at 518-374-8001 to set up an appointment.


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