What is Convergence Insufficiency (CI), anyway?

By: Robert S. Fox, OD, FCOVD
Fellow, College of Optometrists in Vision Development

You have just been told that your school-aged child has poor convergence and that this may be a big part of their reading struggles. What exactly does this mean for you and your child?

Well, if your child is like the millions of other children with Convergence Insufficiency (CI), you have probably been dealing with under-achievement, reading struggles, and major fights each night over homework. In reality your child is frustrated trying to read print that is no longer clear and single. However, they just assume you see print this way, too!


This may explain why reading is not progressing despite a normal IQ and lots of intensive reading help at school. You may also see the child avoiding reading when the page has few pictures and lots of words. CI can explain this. CI is when the eyes don’t aim close enough when reading. The print may look doubled, be out of focus, move around the page, or result in headaches.


The good news is that CI responds very well to optometric vision therapy (OVT). Within a few months symptoms go away, reading print becomes easier, and school often becomes fun again.

To learn more about CI and optometric vision therapy visit our website at foxvisiondevelopment.com or call our office at 518-374-8001 to schedule an appointment.

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