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Vision Therapist Appreciation Week – Stephanie Grimason

| October 24, 2019

Last week we highlighted our vision therapists as part of Vision Therapist Appreciation Week. However, in our office, everyone is part of making VT happen. So, today we are singling out Stephanie Grimason, our Vision Therapy Administrator. Steph is in charge of report writing, conferences, and school visits. In reality, she does much more – […]

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Vision Therapy Doesn’t Have to be Spooky

| October 7, 2019

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Vision Is Not Just 20/20: How Vision Therapy Could Change Your Life!

| February 28, 2017

By Dr. Robert Fox, Developmental Optometrist and Elizabeth Levy, Vision Therapist As our office phone rings, with a potential new patient on the other end of the line, our staff member takes a “triage sheet” out of the drawer. More times than not, it is a parent who is asking “Does my child sound like […]

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