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Parent Testimonial April 2018, “We Wished We Had Brought Jack to Dr. Fox Earlier”.

My son has struggled in reading and writing since 2nd grade. At the end of 5th grade it was significant enough that Jack was over three years behind in reading. Jack lost confidence in many subjects . He came home tired, frustrated and complaining of headaches. We had heard about the success stories of vision […]

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Aubrey Graduated from Vision Therapy with Improved Visual Skills!

| September 28, 2017

When Aubrey came to us at the beginning of her Vision Therapy program, she was easily fatigued by school work and suffered headaches often. Aubrey underwent a very intense program with us, and we are all in awe of the amount of hard work and dedication she put into her therapy. We can’t wait to […]

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Vision Is Not Just 20/20: How Vision Therapy Could Change Your Life!

| February 28, 2017

By Dr. Robert Fox, Developmental Optometrist and Elizabeth Levy, Vision Therapist As our office phone rings, with a potential new patient on the other end of the line, our staff member takes a “triage sheet” out of the drawer. More times than not, it is a parent who is asking “Does my child sound like […]

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