From Hailee’s Mom- “Her grades have improved in every class”

| February 24, 2016

When Hailee first saw Dr. Fox, he determined that she needed glasses and had three vision deficiencies. Dr. Fox felt very confident that Hailee would benefit from vision therapy. Hailee began to work with Kaitlyn once a week, giving her exercises for her eyes as well as games that helped Hailee’s vision improve. First of all, her grades have improved in every class. She went from a second grade reading level to a fifth grade reading level. These improvements in her grades came even though she had to miss a day of school every week for twenty-four weeks. (note from Fox Vision: Hailee lives 3 hours from our office) I’ve also noticed that Hailee now reads because she wants to. Hailee is now asking for grade five level books. Most importantly, Hailee has a more positive attitude toward school and she is more outgoing than ever before. Thank you Dr. Fox and staff for having such a positive impact on Hailee’s life.

Holly F.

Category: Success Stories

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