So Proud Of Our Fall 2018 Vision Therapy Graduates !!

| November 5, 2018

Vision Therapy Graduate

Kaitlin has been one of our hardest workers during her Vision Therapy program! We have been so excited to hear from her that she feels reading and writing have become easier for her since she completed her program, and we can’t wait to hear how this helps her during the rest of the school year.


Vision Therapy Graduate











Logan recently finished his program of Vision Therapy at our office, and called it “a total life change.” Prior to his therapy at our office, he suffered from frequent headaches and had difficulty with small print. Those issues are no longer bothering him, and we couldn’t be more excited! He has all the tools he needs for success in school and football, now! Congrats, Logan!



Vision Therapy Graduate

Emma saw big changes through her Vision Therapy program! When she first started, she had struggles with reading, her visual memory, and with confidence in the classroom. Now, Emma is flying through books, doing very well in school, and is even participating more in classroom discussions! We are proud of the hard work she put into her program. Congratulations, Emma!



Vision Therapy Graduates


Congratulations on graduating from your Vision Therapy program, Owen! Over the course of the past year, Owen has grown tremendously in his abilities! He no longer needs extra help in school, and he is even enjoying reading the Harry Potter series for the first time! Way to go!


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