JUNE 2018 Success Story: Vision Therapy Has Helped With Improved Peripheral Vision!

From Aleyan….

It has been fun ! I’ve had a lot of progress with my vision and I liked driving to Albany. It has helped me read. It has helped me ski because now I can see to the side of my head, so people do not bump into me.  It helped me to dance and to know where dancers are on the stage. I can also catch better. It was fun working with Carrie!


From Aleyan’s mom:

Aleyan has had growth in many areas over the course of vision therapy. The most notable is that of her expanded peripheral vision. Prior to receiving vision therapy, she would frequently and accidentally ” thwack” others with her arms as she moved through space. She now bumps into things far less frequently and reacts more quickly from objects coming in from sharp angles.  This has been very beneficial in school and with her activities. Skiing is safer and dance is more enjoyable for all of the performers. She is able to move around on stage and interact more fluently with others.

In terms of reading , she fidgets less and complains less about letters moving around on the page. Her fatigue both with reading and other close work has diminished. Overall, her confidence has increased.




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