From Jackie- Vision therapy has helped me “with reading fluency, no migraines, and I’m better at homework”

From Jackie’s mom:

Jackie has struggled with school starting in pre-school. She has had her fair share of teachers blaming her for not being “independent” enough or “assertive” enough. As a parent, I fought every year with teachers to try and help them understand she is not learning disabled or impaired from anxiety or depression. Jackie has had an IEP to help with reading and comprehension. All of this changed after she started eye therapy. Jackie is now confident, out-going and happy in the classroom. She has been reported to be performing at grade level. She reads with confidence and completes her homework independently. She says she is sad to graduate today because she always found eye therapy to be fun. It is a joy to see my child grow into the person I know she can be. Thank you for all you have done.


Here’s what Jackie has to say about her success:

It helps me summarize in school from stories, reading fluency, no migraines, better at homework, and see the time better.

Your friend,

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