Our Journey to Becoming Certified Optometric Vision Therapists (C.O.V.T.)!

This past April, two of our Vision Therapists, Kaitlyn Dittmer and Elizabeth Levy, completed the process to become C.O.V.T.’s (Certified Optometric Vision Therapists) under COVD, the College of Optometrists in Vision Development. Thanks to this endeavor, Fox Vision Development Center is now home to four C.O.V.T.’s, and is the only Behavioral Optometry practice in the area to have any certified therapy staff.

In order to be considered for the process of becoming a C.O.V.T., a Vision Therapist must be working under the supervision of a COVD Fellow, as well as having completed at least 2000 hours of on-the-job Vision Therapy clinical experience (or have a degree in a related field, with at least 1000 hours of experience). So not only does your Vision Therapist have years of experience under their belt at the time they are able to pursue certification, they are also employed by a Doctor who specializes in the field of Vision Therapy.

Once it comes time to go through the C.O.V.T. process, the Vision Therapist must go through several different tests and evaluations of their knowledge and skills. First, there are nine essays, each on a different clinical topic that must be submitted with the approval of the practice’s Doctor, a Mentor (who must be a C.O.V.T.), and a board of examiners from COVD. Once these essays are completed, the Vision Therapist must successfully complete a multiple choice examination. Once these steps are completed, the final stage of certification is a comprehensive oral interview with several doctors from the COVD certification board. A Vision Therapist MUST pass each of these areas of the certification process in order to receive the Certified status.

At Fox Vision Development Center, our team strives for excellence. Many of our therapists are C.O.V.T.’s, and those who are not still undergo several trainings each year to ensure that our team is up to date within the field of Vision Therapy. Each Vision Therapist on our team that has gone through the process, has thought that certification is very rewarding, and worth the hard work it entails. We are proud to have a team that is continually looking for new ways to improve our practices in order to provide our patients with a high quality of care that cannot be found elsewhere in the Capital Region.

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