Family bike rides were a struggle

| December 23, 2019

We knew that our daughter had intermittent amblyopia since she was about 10 months old.  Prior to VT, Cecilia did not enjoy outdoor activities went the sun was shining bright.  She would fatigue very quickly which in turn made her personality less than favorable.  She had a hard time swinging a bat in softball and never enjoyed arts & crafts with her sisters.  Her handwriting was nearly illegible.  Family bike rides were a struggle as she could hardly keep up with her little sister…. even though Cecilia was using training wheels.

As parents of three daughters, we had a hard time trying not to compare one child’s development and milestones against another.  Halfway through her first consult with Dr. Fox, we knew we made the right decision. To have a clear understanding of the way she sees the world, and not just a diagnosis was priceless.  On top of this, knowing that there was hope, gave us much comfort.

Nine months of vision therapy was a big commitment, both time and financially, but we wouldn’t change a thing today.  She continues to make progress on a daily basis. She is reading much more fluently; her handwriting has dramatically improved; and, her motivation is more in line with her age.

Cecilia has shown improvement in sports, softball & bowling and she just learned to ride a two-wheel bike with minimal assistance.  Most importantly she is aware of how she sees and can vocalize when she sees double.  (Generally, at bedtime).  Her attitude has improved immensely too.

~ Michael & Amber S.

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