“Emma’s Benefited GREATLY From Vision Therapy in so Many Ways!”

Success Story from Emma’s Parents on June 17, 2017: 

Emma has benefited greatly from vision therapy in so many ways. Almost 10 months ago, she was stumbling, falling, and walking into things constantly. Now, she has a steady gate and hasn’t been tripping or falling at all. Emma has great confidence in her ability to manage many tasks and she continues to challenge herself regularly. She feels good, works hard in everything that she does, and doesn’t give up.

Ten months ago was much different- Emma was very frustrated in her ability to complete any task and would give up very easily.  She feels so much better now that she has been working with her eyes and focusing so hard on her activities at Dr. Fox’s office and at home.

Emma’s school work has improved greatly in so many ways: with aligning math problems, spelling tests are much easier, letters and numbers no longer float on lines, and her reading is no longer staggered.  Seven months ago Emma started gymnastics, she flies off the uneven bars and balance beams and does flips on the mats. 10 months ago, this would have never happened.  Vision Therapy and eye glasses prescribed by Dr. Fox = SUCCESS!

We cannot thank Dr. Fox enough and Kaitlyn for all that they have given and done for Emma.  Thank you to Jenn as well for meeting with Emma’s teachers at school to ensure that Emma’s needs were being addressed in the classroom. Emma loves coming to vision therapy weekly and she is sad that it is ending. I know that Emma has built the confidence to continue to challenge herself in everything she does. Knowing that her vision is in a much better place is very comforting to both her father and I (as well as Emma)!

Thank you again!

Noel and Bill



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