From Emily-“Since starting vision therapy, it has been a lot easier to read and do my homework”.

Emily has had “big” success since starting vision therapy.

The first is just her overall enjoyment with school now. She used to hate going and it was a struggle everyday to not only go to school but to do her homework. Now Emily willingly reads and does her homework.

The second and by far the biggest success or difference I have seen is when we went to get her and her sisters ears pierced. Emily’s peripheral vision was very narrow at the start. One Saturday, 3 weeks ago, the girls decided to get their ears pierced. Emily went first. The one woman doing their piercing told Emily to look ahead at an object and stay still. Well, 9-10 months ago that would have been easy as she didn’t see to far on either side. Emily could clearly see when the woman was coming close with the earring gun. It was the only time I wished her vision was more narrow. We only managed one ear because every time the earring gun came towards her she moved her head away.

It’s silly, but I was very happy. She could see wider than ever before.


Here’s what Emily has to say about her success:

-I am no longer in my reading group.

This is my success story.

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