Doctors Told Me That Vision Therapy Would Not Help My Son and It Changed his Life Forever!

| January 31, 2017


At a very early age, I noticed that my oldest son had difficulty coloring in the lines, writing his letters and numbers. I asked his teacher if she thought this was normal.  She told me that it was normal for a child his age. Year after year, I noticed the same issues with my son’s writing and coloring. He would often flip his letters (b,d, q,p) and his numbers. By the time he entered second grade, things had not improved. As a mom, I had a feeling that something wasn’t right. My son was very smart and excelled at memorizing information; however, writing was such a challenge for him. I took him to see his eye doctor and she informed me that she thought he might have a visual processing issue. I immediately informed his school and had him evaluated. After he was evaluated, I was told that he had fine motor and visual issues. My son qualified for Occupational Therapy (OT) services and started OT at the very end of second grade.

I continued to search for help for his visual issues and found Dr. Robert Fox on the internet. I immediately felt relieved to know that there was help for children with visual difficulties. I started researching vision therapy and asked several doctors, OTs and professionals in the community about the benefits of vision therapy. I was told by doctors that there wasn’t any proven research to support that vision therapy really worked. After hearing this, I felt devastated thinking that there wasn’t any help for my son’s visual issues.

My son continued with OT at school. I noticed some improvement, but not a lot. As he entered 3rd grade, and the print became smaller, he was not able to copy from the board or copy class-notes. I also noticed his writing was not improving and he was having difficulty when reading as he would often skip words or lines.

In 4th grade my son had a new OT and she encouraged me to reach out to Dr. Fox for an evaluation. She informed me that she saw Dr. Fox do amazing things to help children improve their visual systems. Feeling very desperate to help my son, I decided to call Dr. Fox’s office to make an appointment. After meeting with Dr. Fox, I found out that my son had limited peripheral vision and he was diagnosed with Convergence Insufficiency (CI). I felt so relieved to finally know that it was a problem with his eyes and it could be remediated.

I had my son start vision therapy. After 12 weeks of vision therapy, I started noticing a HUGE difference with his ability to complete close-up work. Homework normally took hours to complete and it slowly started taking him less time. I also noticed that he started having an easier time when writing. The spacing between his words improved drastically and he did not flip letters as frequently. He was also able to copy from the board and would not lose his place. His OT also started noticing huge improvements with his abilities. After starting vision therapy, he went from receiving OT services twice a week , to once a week, to no longer needing OT and was declassified.

I’ll never forget the moment when my son asked me if he could stay up late to finish reading a book. This was my aha moment and I realized how much vision therapy changed his life. After vision therapy, he started reading not because he had to, but because he wanted to. Vision therapy changed how he learned and processed visual information. I believe it gave him the foundation to reach his full academic potential. Not only did his visual system improve, but his confidence also grew exponentially.

I am now a HUGE advocate for vision therapy. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Fox and his team. My son’s experience motivates me to want to help others and to educate people that do not fully understand how vision therapy works. In my opinion, vision therapy is not any different than receiving OT or PT or speech services. In my experience, it’s concerning that doctors lead me to believe that there were not any benefits to vision therapy. My son is more proof than I’ll ever need to know that vision therapy works. It was a lot of hard work for my son, but it was worth the investment. To me, you can’t put a price tag on your child’s vision and abilities to learn.  Believe me, despite what doctors told me, vision therapy changed my son’s life forever.

A very grateful parent!



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