From Daniel- “I can now read without headaches or pain”.

 From Daniel:

A big thank-you to everyone who helped with my treatment. It was fun and in general a positive experience! I can now read without headaches or pain. The program is just amazing. A special thank-you to my therapist, Emma.

Yours truly,

Daniel K.

… and from mom…

Dear Dr. Fox and Office,

Thank you! A very big thank you! I feel so relieved to have finally addressed an issue with Daniel that was pending for a long time.

There has always been an aversion to reading that Daniel had that I could never address. When he was little, I tried different genres to peak his interest and facilitate a love for reading. But to no avail, I couldn’t facilitate that for Dan.

His eye problem began to get worse in 8th grade when his English teacher noticed he had trouble reading out loud. His pediatrician tested his eyes for distance and they were fine. He recommended we seek a specialist. Dr. Fox did his screening and discovered the problem.

Dan has willingly partaken in his eye therapy, which was about 9 months. He has graduated and over the summer I found him reading independently – for pleasure. I am thrilled!

His grades have gone up a letter grade. He seems to have more coordination in his movements. He uses his reading glasses for homework and leisure reading. He has set goals to achieve better grades.

He is absolutely awesome – I am so proud and happy for him. He is taking Geometry this year and is re-learning material. He learned angles and shapes as mirror images of what they are. He is aware of the work he has ahead of him, but is very comfortable with his abilities. I know he will catch-up and even conquer Geometry. What a blessing!

Thank you again Dr. Fox. You and your team have had a dramatic effect on Daniel. It will be a long-lasting “fix” and I truly feel the SKY IS THE LIMIT for this young man, my son, Daniel.

Sincerely, Eliza K.

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