From Corrine’s Dad- ” I don’t struggle to read”

From Corrine’s Dad:

Since primary school, our daughter had been classified as “special-ed.” After years of listening to her teachers and administrators say that she has this classification. All this time, she just couldn’t see and process correctly. Her teachers, administrators, doctors, and psychiatrists all missed it. If it was not for her younger brother, who at the time was in 3rd grade, had a teacher with a daughter with the same issues. If she did not inform us of this, we would never have found Dr. Fox. Now my daughter, who is a licensed driver, says to me “I can see so much better, Dad!” ” I can see out of my peripheral vision now!” “I don’t’ struggle to read!” Like her younger bother, who has already graduated from Dr. Fox’s therapy, Corrine will now have all of the tools she needs to succeed in the world as she goes forward. She will be re-starting college this fall and I know she will be able to tackle her courses alone for the first time. We thank God everyday we found this therapy and talk about it with everyone. Thank you, Dr. Fox and your entire staff for helping our family.

Here’s what Corrine had to say about her success:

Before I started eye therapy, I could only read for five minutes at a time. I would get headaches and do something else before going back to what I was working on. When driving I didn’t realize my peripheral vision was so bad. I almost hit a few vehicles plus a school bus.

At the age of 20, it seemed late to start vision therapy. I am thankful I started, my peripheral vision has improved which has made my driving much safer and I haven’t had one accident since. My reading memory has improved, now it makes understanding what I read much better. I am much more confident in my reading. I do plan on going back to college. Thank you to the staff and Dr. Fox for making my future brighter!

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