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Distance Learning and Increased Nearsightedness

| October 14, 2020

Nearsightedness, or myopia, is an ever-growing problem. It is estimated that about 40% of US children over the age of 12 need some sort of vision correction to help them see clearly and that number is only expected to increase drastically with time. Risk factors for increasing nearsightedness include… the number of parents that are […]

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5 Tips to Protect Your Eyes While Learning and Working from Home

| September 17, 2020

Students and parents alike will most likely spend increased hours on computers and digital devices this coming fall. Increased screen time has been shown to exacerbate eyestrain, discomfort, and dry eyes.   Here are five visual hygiene tips to decrease symptoms related to increased use of computers and digital devices:   1. 20/20/20 Rule Look […]

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Family bike rides were a struggle

| December 23, 2019

We knew that our daughter had intermittent amblyopia since she was about 10 months old.  Prior to VT, Cecilia did not enjoy outdoor activities went the sun was shining bright.  She would fatigue very quickly which in turn made her personality less than favorable.  She had a hard time swinging a bat in softball and […]

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I was below grade level but on my last report card…..

| December 11, 2019

When I first started, I couldn’t see very well. I was struggling in school. I was below grade level in math and reading. Dr. Fox and his staff helped me with gymnastics and swimming. On my last report card, I moved one reading level.  ~Emma

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