April 2018: “It wasn’t until we saw Dr. Fox that we realized how significant Kennedy’s visual difficulties were”

Before vision therapy, Kennedy had passed all vision screenings and we were told by other doctors that she had 20/20 vision and was fine. However, Kennedy still continued to complain of headaches, struggled with both reading and writing and was very upset by visual stimuli.

It wasn’t until we saw Dr. Fox that we realized that how significant Kennedy’s visual difficulties were and how vision is so much more than seeing 20/20.  Since vision therapy Kennedy’s headaches have stopped. She enjoys writing and drawing and is reading almost a year above grade level. Before it was such a struggle to get Kennedy to read and now she can be found reading books for her own enjoyment.

The changes we have seen also go beyond academics. Kennedy used to be very sensitive to visual and auditory sensory input. She would  wear headphones and sunglasses to help her cope. Now she attends assemblies, parties, and performances without fear.

We will forever be greatful to Dr. Fox and his staff of Fox Vision!



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