Another Success Story! Parent Shares That Dr. Fox’s Approach and Techniques Brought Ashleigh to the Next Level. 

From Ashleigh’s mom on June 17, 2017:

This was Ashleigh’s second session of vision therapy and her first time with Dr. Fox’s practice.  Circumstances were such that landed us with Dr. Fox and I couldn’t have been happier.  This practice is definitely where we needed to be and Dr. Fox’s approach and techniques brought Ashleigh to the next level.

Ashleigh enjoyed her weekly therapy visits and never put up a fuss during the at-home exercises.  The exercises were fun, which made doing them all the better. Ashleigh has become a more active and fluent reader. This has become increasingly evident in her ability and willingness to complete her homework on her own and in her classroom writing assignments.

Thank you to Dr. Fox, Mackenzie, and staff for your commitment and dedication to helping children like Ashleigh flourish in school and in life.


Kim (Ashleigh’s Mom)


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