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From Chris H.- ” Vision therapy has helped improve my focus and concentration”

I’ve noticed many improvements such as school performance. Vision therapy has helped improve my focus and concentration as well as being able to see the board better. Vision therapy has also had an impact while playing basketball. When I am shooting the ball, I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten much more accurate. I’ve also noticed that […]

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From Jackie- Vision therapy has helped me “with reading fluency, no migraines, and I’m better at homework”

From Jackie’s mom: Jackie has struggled with school starting in pre-school. She has had her fair share of teachers blaming her for not being “independent” enough or “assertive” enough. As a parent, I fought every year with teachers to try and help them understand she is not learning disabled or impaired from anxiety or depression. […]

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From Emily-“Since starting vision therapy, it has been a lot easier to read and do my homework”.

Emily has had “big” success since starting vision therapy. The first is just her overall enjoyment with school now. She used to hate going and it was a struggle everyday to not only go to school but to do her homework. Now Emily willingly reads and does her homework. The second and by far the […]

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From Corrine’s Dad- ” I don’t struggle to read”

From Corrine’s Dad: Since primary school, our daughter had been classified as “special-ed.” After years of listening to her teachers and administrators say that she has this classification. All this time, she just couldn’t see and process correctly. Her teachers, administrators, doctors, and psychiatrists all missed it. If it was not for her younger brother, […]

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