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Dr. Robert Fox, OD, FCOVD and Jennifer Oliver, OTR/L are teaming up to provide a very informative workshop regarding vision and self-regulation on July 24, 2019 at 6:30PM.
Jennifer Oliver, OTR/L is the owner of Saratoga Sensory. She will discuss the following:
Self-regulation refers to an individual’s ability to maintain an appropriate level of alertness and arousal to engage in daily activities successfully. It includes awareness of one’s physical and emotional senses, and the ability to display appropriate behaviors in response. In this process, the individual receives input from their environment, processes it correctly, filters unnecessary input, and is able to respond in an appropriate manner. Adequate sensory processing is necessary in achieving and maintaining a regulated state. Any disruption in the accuracy of processing sensory input can result in inappropriate and/or ineffective responses, and may lead to challenging behaviors. 
Dr. Robert Fox, OD, FCOVD is the owner of Fox Vision Development Center. He will review how visual deficits may impact your child’s ability to process visual information, pay attention, and to self-regulate.
If you would like to attend this free workshop located at Fox Vision Development Center, please click on the sign-up genius link. if you have any questions, please feel free to email Jewelie at  We look forward to seeing you.

 August is Vision and Learning Month!!

Children who grow up with undiagnosed vision problems are often unaware that what they see is abnormal, and that means they don’t know to ask for help. The yearly Vision & Learning Month campaign encourages parents to take their children in for a comprehensive vision exam every year.

Children with vision problems that are not diagnosed and treated may struggle in school and often go on to be adults with the same vision problems–children do not “grow out of” these difficulties.  This information is from the College of Optometrists in Vision Development. (COVD)





Dr. Robert Fox’s Professional Development Workshops

Teacher and Professional Development Workshops

Dr. Fox is available for Professional Development Trainings. If your school or organization is interested in scheduling this type of training, please provide us with advanced notice for scheduling purposes. For all day workshops, we do charge a fee. Below are additional workshops that Dr. Fox provides:

❖ Vision and Misbehavior
❖ Homework Wars Workshop
❖ Vision and Lyme Disease
❖ Vision and School Success

To schedule a free workshop or training, please contact Jewelie Koutelis, Marketing Coordinator, at or Stephanie Grimason, Vision Therapy Administrator, at

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